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Caroline Ford
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United States
Hey there! I'm a 18 year old with her talents, passions, and time spread thin across many mediums, fandoms, and real life events. For that reason, I'm largely inconsistent with what I'll produce next and when-- be it a plushie, story, sketch, digital painting, 3D art, woodworking-- because I work solely on waves of passion strong enough to distract me from the rest of my life. I aspire to go into Christian entertainment (the next Veggietales, anyone?), but mostly just use art as a tool to share my ideas with you lovely folks! And oh the crazy ideas I have... (Neville novels, crack ships, crossovers and more!)

Shows, movies, video games, fandoms and stories I love:
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Legend of Korra
Ed, Edd n Eddy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Heroes of Olympus
Harry Potter
My Little Pony
Doctor Who
Meet The Robinsons
Percy Jackson
Blue Sky
Animal Crossing
Super Smash Bros.
Blackblood Alliance
Lion King
Impressive Title
Avatar: the Last Airbender
Adventure Time
Astro Boy (sorta)
Invader Zim (sorta)
Mr. Moseby
Baman Piderman
Bee Shrek Test In The House
Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons
Wreck it Ralph
Full Metal Alchemist (sorta)
Teen Titans
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Phineas and Ferb
Hey Arnold
Gravity Falls
Dexter's Laboratory
Hunger Games
Mario (and friends)
Astro Boy

Favorite characters (usually crushes too):
Sans and Papyrus from Undertale
Harry Potter: Neville, George and Fred, Victor Krum, Hermoine, Luna, McGonagall
Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy: Ed, Kevin, Lee, Rolf
Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus: Tyson, Grover, Jason, Leo, Hazel, Percy, Chiron
My Little Pony: Snails, Rainbow Dash, Braeburn, Luna, Zecora, Thunderlane
Homestuck (buckle down, son): Sollux, Mituna, Mayor, Tavros, Terezi, Dave, Latula, Karkat, John, Doc Scratch, Casey, Hussie, Dad, Davesprite, Equius, Nanna, Kankri, Peregrine Mendicant, Rufioh, Spades Slick, Nicolas Cage
Sokka and Teo from Avatar: The Last Airbender
Sherman from Mr.Peabody and Sherman
Michelangelo and 1st season Leonardo from TMNT
Russell from Up
Nitori and Makoto from Free!
Bernard from Megamind
Wybie from Coraline
Wilbur from Meet the Robinsons
Sammy Watts from Angelina Balerina
Sheldon from My Life as a Teenage Robot
Wheatley from Blue Sky
Tony Toponi from An American Tail
Dinky from The Littles
The Brain and George from Arthur
Rafiki from The Lion King
Brock from Pokemon
Maxwell and Sandy from Hamtaro
Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory
Coconut Head, Gordy, Jerry Crony, Seth Powers, and all the teachers from Ned's Declassified
Luigi, Mr. L, and Waluigi from Mario
Cyborg, Raven and Terra from Teen Titans
Ferb, Major Monogram and Carl from Phineas and Ferb
Season 1 Bolin and Amon from Legend of Korra
Al from Full Metal Alchemist
Cinna from Hunger Games
Ralph from Wreck it Ralph
Astro from Astro Boy
Norman from Paranorman
Stinky from Hey Arnold

Amelbert (Amelia/Delbert)- my first OTP (Treasure Planet)
Snailestia (Snails/Celestia)- MLP:FiM
O'Hedna (Mr. O'Hare/Edna Mode)- Lorax/Incredibles
Krumoine (Victor Krum/Hermione)- Harry Potter
Quogan (Quinn/Logan)- Zoey 101
Hero's Cuties (Fix-it-Felix/Sergeant Calhoun)
Samzel (Sammy/Hazel)- Heroes of Olympus
Braecora (Braeburn/Zecora)- MLP:FiM
Leevin (Kevin/Lee)- EEnE
Borra (Season 1 Bolin/Korra)- Legend of Korra
Roxard (Bernard/Roxanne)- Megamind
Cyrae (Cyborg/Raven)- Teen Titans
Chelley (Blue Sky Wheatley/Chell)- Portal/Blue Sky
Sandwell (Maxwell/Sandy)- Hamtaro
Sue Allen (Sue Ellen/The Brain)- Arthur
Shelenny (Sheldon/Jenny XJ9)- My Life as a Teenage Robot
Kinna (Cinna/Katniss)- Hunger Games
Soriel (Sans/Toriel)- Undertale


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